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Curtain Tracks – Getting it Right!

By Laila Shafi on July 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hanging curtains on the correct track is vital, getting this wrong can have big consequences. So how do you get this right?

Curtain Weight

To begin with make sure the track is suitable for the weight of the curtains to be hung. Tracks have a specification of curtain weights that they will support, Light, Medium and Heavy, still non the wiser?

Light Weight supports a weight of – approximately  6.8kg,

Medium Weight supports a weight of approximately 11.5kg

Heavy Weight supports a weight of  approximately 13.6kg

Plastic Vs Aluminium 

Once you have established the approximate weight of your curtains, its time to decide on the material of your track.. Plastic Vs Aluminium?

A heavy duty PVC track will still offer superior functionality for heavy weight curtains when it is correctly installed. Its also a great option for both medium and light weight curtains and has the added bonus of been extremely versatile, it can be easily bent around bay windows or manipulated into difficult to fit area’s. PVC tracks are available in both a corded or un-corded option.

Aluminium is generally more expensive but tends to be slightly stronger and more durable especially in rooms that are exposed to higher temperatures such as conservatories etc.. As well as being bendable it is also suitable for light,medium and heavy weight fabric and gives you a smooth drawing curtain. Corded and uncorded options are available with these tracks. Aluminium tracks can also be bought pre-bent and made to size.


Trimming and bending  tracks to fit.

PVC are easy to cut with a hacksaw. To make the track easier to bend make sure that the track is a little warm, achieve this by applying a warm cloth to the track or gently adding warm air onto it maybe from a hair dryer? Follow the instructions on the track to be sure of how the track can be bent and the angle of the bend you can achieve. 


Aluminium tracks are also easy to cut with a hacksaw. Aluminium can be made into tighter bends but you will need to work carefully since, once bent, an aluminium track will not spring back. Follow the pack instructions and bend in stages, regularly checking the angle of the bend against the shape of the window.


After Care 

All good quality tracks come complete with all the fittings and hooks to make them work correctly. However a reputable curtain shop (such as ours) will always sell all the spares required, gliders,end stops  and brackets – helping you to maintain you track further down the line.



Occasional cleaning will improve the performance of your track and help prolong its life. Wash the gliders with a household detergent, allow to dry, and spray the track with a silicone based lubricant ie: furniture polish.


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