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Blackout Lining – A must have for all people requiring a great lie in!!!

By Laila Shafi on June 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Summer is a fantastic time of year. Warm sunny days, long leisurely walks, trips to the beach and all those warm evenings filled with  friends, BBQ s  and perhaps some good wine.

However when it comes to a well deserved lie in, its not always quite so pleasant and easy to achieve. The sun rising at 5am can be a bit of a pain to say the least! Tossing and turning trying to ignore the constant glare of the sun trying to filter its way into your dreams is not pleasant and is especially not when its waking up your little ones who are demanding breakfast!!

We have the solution – Blackout Lining. A great enhancement that will help you create the ideal environment for  a restful nights sleep and an all important and I’m sure, much deserved lie in.

Crafted from a tight woven poly-cotton blend and simply perfect for preventing external lights from disturbing your sleep.

However it doesn’t stop there, blackout linings are also great at giving your curtains a thicker more luxurious feel and also have the added bonus of improving the thermal insulation of your room.

Oh and by the way Blackout lining is not Black. It comes in two completely neutral colours,either white or cream.

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